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Next General Meeting: December 3, 2015 @ 9:00am


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President It’s been two months since

And (how many organizations can say this?) Quent Wiest, who was 102 last October, welcomed Jesse to the ranks of those who reach the fabled age of 100.

The trip to New Orleans was a success. Everyone who went said they had a great time. The trips to Chicago and to England, Scotland and Wales are coming up, and a river cruise to the Black Sea and a trip to the Grand Canyon are planned for next year. No grass grows under Hobbyists’ feet. Other events on the docket include the musical, West Side Story, the annual three-day trip to Woodloch Pines, the Spring Fling, the Fall Dance, and the Holiday Dance in December.

There was a record crowd at the Fellowship Luncheon and they were treated to a presentation by Rich Edelman who, as a member of Habitat for Humanity, participated in building houses in Nepal. Luckily, the recent earthquakes there did not damage them.

As I write this message the fourth annual Camera Club Photo Show has just ended at the Lester Stable. Twenty-two members are exhibiting a total of 103 pictures. Each year the photos are more interesting and technically more sophisticated. The reception on May 14th was packed with hobbyists and townspeople.

The bowling season finished with the Strikers, Jokers, Devils, and Astros coming out as this year’s champs. Next year, who knows? The team members change every year. The golf season is getting under way and if things go as they usually do, there will be some exciting tournaments to decide who the club champions are.

The Hobbyists have a lot going on. There just isn’t enough space to talk about it all in this message. Check the activities calendars on this website and check the information for each activity. You will find a lot to interest you. And, if you find yourself particularly interested in some of them, get involved in making them even more successful.

Joe Burns



NEW MEMBERS: Two new Members were inducted during the October
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IN MEMORIAM: We regret the passing of 17 members in 2015. Click HERE for details.




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Jesse Rubenstein 100th Birthday!

At the May meeting we celebrated Jesse's 100th Birthday with a cake and a a proclamation prepared by Heather Mailander, the Ridgewood village clerk.


Church Parking Sign
As you might have noticed, the Church has put up the new sign warning students that they could be towed if they park in the Church spots.

To avoid our Member's cars to be towed, we suggest that you print THISsign and place it in the dashboard of your car when parked in the Church spaces.

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Last Updated: November 2015