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Next General Meeting: June 1, 2017 @ 9:00am


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We do not have a lot of rituals in the Hobbyists, but perhaps our most meaningful one is the “Ceremony of the Passing of the Gavel.” As we start our 51st year, it is humbling to accept the gavel from Jim Sutherland and a long line of past presidents through the years. But it is the literally tens of hundreds of talented, dedicated and supportive Hobbyists, past and present, that have made the Hobbyists work through this now 50+ years. I am proud to be a Hobbyist and honored to have been elected to serve as your president for the coming year.

I think we do need to pause for a few moments and offer a profound “Thanks” to Jim Sutherland and the 50th Anniversary Steering Committee for an outstanding job in leading us through our 50th Anniversary celebration. Jim and Committee Members, thanks for a job well done.

This next year will return us to a more typical set of activities as we work together to support each other in the pursuit of knowledge, learning, activity and challenge in achievement of friendship, fellowship, and a fulfilling retirement. As I participate in Hobbyists activities, it is this sense of shared camaraderie that every Hobbyist values about our organization. So now that our Anniversary Celebration is over, it is back to this basic important value that we return. In order to take advantage of this supportive camaraderie that is our core, all we have to do is participate in those clubs and activities that interest us!

In terms of initiatives for the next year, I am hoping to build on the work last year with the Debate team at Ridgewood High School to grow a stronger relationship between the Hobbyists and our local schools. Also, you have heard that we have some vacancies in the many tasks required to keep this organization running so I am hoping that you will choose “to pay it forward”, by volunteering to take on one of these tasks. It will pay rich dividends.

I would like to wish you and your family a very Happy Holiday Season!

Syd Robertson



NEW MEMBERS: 4 new members were inducted during the May Meeting.
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IN MEMORIAM: We regret the passing of 3 members in 2017.
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Jesse Rubenstein 100th Birthday!

At the May 2016 meeting we celebrated Jesse's 100th Birthday with a cake and a a proclamation prepared by Heather Mailander, the Ridgewood village clerk.


50th Anniversary - Ridgewood News!

Ridgewood News article on our 50th Anniversary Click HERE.

Church Parking Sign
As you might have noticed, the Church has put up the new sign warning students that they could be towed if they park in the Church spots.

To avoid our Member's cars to be towed, we suggest that you print THISsign and place it in the dashboard of your car when parked in the Church spaces.

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