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I am very honored to be the President of the Hobbyists Unlimited as we begin our 52nd year of providing outstanding opportunities for fellowship and enjoyment for our members. I know that we will support each other in the pursuit of knowledge, learning, and activity, as we continue to enjoy a fulfilling retirement. As I participate in Hobbyists activities, it is this sense of shared camaraderie that every Hobbyist values about our organization.

I have set two goals for this year: 1) increase Hobbyist member participation in activities, and 2) increase the number of members that provide service to our organization. To achieve the first goal I will challenge each member to try a new activity during the year. It doesn't have to represent a long-term commitment, just give it a try. For the second goal, I would ask those members that today only participate in club activities to expand their involvement to include a support role to our organization. This could range from taking over the Chair of a club, to a once or twice a year role in support of a Hobbyist function (luncheon, picnic, newsletter, trip) or backup support for our meetings. We should all try to “give back” to the Hobbyists.

For those visiting our web site with an interest in joining the Hobbyists, please take a moment to view the activities and events we have to offer. Our activities will provide you with stimulation physically (Sports and Games), intellectually (Personal Interests) and socially (Social Activities). It is medically proven that this stimulation will help maintain your mental cognition longer and improve your overall health. But the best part is the great enjoyment that comes from the many new friends you will make and the camaraderie that exists within the group.

Our general meetings take place on the first Thursday of every month (except July and August) at the First Presbyterian Church at 722 East Ridgewood Avenue in Ridgewood. Our meetings start with a social hour from 9 to 10AM where you can sign up for activities such as golf, bowling and trips, and catch up with friends over a cup of coffee. From 10 to 11 AM we have a business meeting with reports from activities chairman, a financial and membership report, and other items of interest to all Hobbyists. At 11 AM we have a Program Speaker to entertain and educate the group on a wide range of subjects (history, medical, art, travel, consumer affairs, etc.)

Check out our activities Calendar and Membership section on this site to learn more.

I encourage all of our members to become more actively involved in the Hobbyists, and please share with me any ideas you have that may improve our organization.


I would like to wish you and your family a very Happy Holiday Season and Good Health in the New Year!


Rich Edelman




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NEW MEMBERS: 1 new member was inducted during the November Meeting.
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IN MEMORIAM: We regret the passing of 9 members in 2017.
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Ed Houlihan's Award

Library Directory Nancy Greene, the Board of Trustees and Village Councilman Jeffrey Voigt presented Ed Houlihan with Resolution No. 17-08 to honor Ed’s role as a Charter Member and primary facilitator of the Foreign Policy Association's Great Decisions Discussion Group since 2010.  

Ed’s extensive research and international experience have helped to develop the group’s membership to 80+; his Great Decisions group has provided a monthly forum for fair and balanced discussion of international issues.

In addition to his exemplary volunteerism, this Resolution also recognizes Ed’s participation in and support of all Library programs and mission over the years.


Past President Bob Paoli serves as Grand Marshall of the 2017 Ridgewood 4th of July Parade!






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Last Updated: October 2017